Area of use

Thermostat ENTL is used to regulate valves in heating-and cooling systems and heated towel rails.
ENTL is equipped with remote sensor and a remote adjustment wheel.


ENTL is a self-acting thermostatic head designed to achieve best possible temperature regulating function. This type of thermostatic head is used when temperature sensing and setting has to be done away from the position of the valve body. A separate casing is supplied to make it possible to locate the sensor away from the wheel.
ENTL standard execution is 10-26 °C.
ENTL has a large indicating window that makes it easy to read and adjust. The symbol * protects against frost in rooms that are not in use at the moment.

ENTL can be used with all MMA radiator valves, radiator manifolds and cooling valves with M28x1.5 thread.

Technical data

Setting range
Respons time
appr. 20 minutes
Max mediatemperature
Max storage temperature
Measurement sensor
24 mm
Polyamid, polyacetal,
brass CW 614N
280 g

Order designations

RSK no. Type Description
480 60 96 3020721 ENTL 10-26°C M28x1,5, 2+2m capillary tube
480 58 74 3020751 ENTL 10-26°C M28x1,5, 2+5m capillary tube