Two way control valve – STVT

Area of use

Terminal valve STVT is used for adjustment and measurement in heating and cooling systems.


STVT is an adjustment and control valve with presetting.
The valve is equipped with self-sealing measuring ports, placed at a 45° degree angle in relation to the actuator.
Pre-setting can be carried out using the pre-setting key FN2.
STVT comes with external and internal thread 1/2″ and 3/4″.
The valve can be used with actuator or thermostatic head with M28x1,5 connection.

Technical data

Pressure class
PN 16
Max temperature
Min temperature
Min measurable differential pressure
5 kPa
Recommended pressure drop at dimentsioning valve
5-10 kPa
Kv-value (pre-set) with actuator
DN15        0,01 2,15
DN20        0,01 – 2,80
Kvs-value (maximum capacity)
DN 15        2,15
DN 20        2,80
Brass dezincification


Pre-setting FN2 key
The valves are equipped with a insert with concealed pre-setting.
Pre-setting can be done with the FN2 tool by turning the number of turns as shown in the pressure drop diagram.
To simplify this process use the pre-setting tool FV18 and FV19.

Pre-setting tool FV18 and FV19
Pre-setting tool FV18 is used for STVT DN15 and FV19 for STVT DN20.

  • Dismantle the stuffing box with the push rod (use the top of the pre-setting key KN2)
  • Place the pre-setting key with the bordered end down in the pre-setting sleeve, and close the valve by turning it carefully to the bottom (clockwise)
  • Remove the pre-setting key and mount the pre-setting tool over the insert splines and insert the pre-setting key through the tool.
  • Reset the scale to the indes marker.
  • Adjust the pre-setting sleeve (counter clockwise) so that the desired Kv value coincides with the indes marker.
  • Replace the stuffing box with the push rod.


Order designations

RSK no. Name Description
489 27 00 3254501 STVT 15 G15 utv.gänga
489 27 01 3254601 STVT 20 G20 utv.gänga
489 27 10 3255801 STVTI 15 G15 inv.gänga
480 66 60 4873818 FV18 Pre-setting tool for STVT 15
480 66 61 4873819 FV19 Pre-setting tool for STVT 20