STVE DN200-300

Area of use

The balancing valve STVE is used to adjust and
balance the flow in heating och cooling systems.


STVE is a flanged valve. The valve is equipped
with self-sealing measuring points on the flanges
of the valve.
The valve will be set to a flow or kv-value with
help of the wheel. To set the flow correctly use a
To avoid turbulence which can affect the measuring
accuracy, the valve should not be assembled
close to bends, branch lines and other valves
directly before or after the valve according to
the figure. The valve must be assembled with the
flow in the direction of the arrow to achieve the
correct measuring results.

Technical data

Pressure class
260 psi / PN 16
Max temperature
250°F / 120°C
Min temperature
-14°F / -20°C
Max closing pressure
29 psi / 200 kPa
Min pressuredrop
0,29 psi / 2 kPa
Recommended pressure drop at rated valve
0,73 – 1,45 psi / 5-10 kPa
Grey (cast) iron
Gaskets EPDM


Type DN A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Weight (kg)
DN200 200 600 343 480 115
DN250 250 730 406 525 159
DN300 300 850 483 535 211


By means of the wheel the valve is set at the desired
flow or kv-value according to the diagram.