RFA 76 – valve with pre-setting

Area of use

The RFA 76 valve is used to regulate the flow in radiators.
The valve is regulated with a thermostatic head, thermal actuator or handwheel.


The RFA 76 valve offers a very precise pre-setting feature in the stuffing box. Pre-setting is carried out with a pre-setting key or tool by opening a number of turns from closed valve.
The valve i supplied with a grey protective cap to indicate pre-setting. The protective cap can be used to close the valve during the construction phase. It can also be used when balancing the system to achieve nominal head with a thermostatic head fitted.
Screw the protective cap to the bottom and open three quarters of a turn.
The valve can be converted between a 1-pipe and a
2-pipe system and has a c/c 50 connection to the radiator with an M22x1,5. The blue indicator plug must be removed when converting for a 1-pipe to a 2-pipe system.

Technical data

Pressure class
PN 10
Max temperature
Min temperature
Max differential pressure/closing pressure
250 kPa
Recommended differential pressure
3-10 kPa
Kv value/Kvs value
Brass, Gaskets EPDM
286 g


Pre-setting FN 2 key
The valve is equipped with an insert which has concealed pre-setting functionality.
Unscrew the protective cap. Remove the stuffing box with the pin (use the tip of the FN2 pre-setting key). Insert the pre-setting key with the serrated end in the control sleeve and screw it carefully to the bottom (clockwise). Screw up the number of turns outlined in the diagram. Refit the stuffing box with the pin.

Pre-setting FV5
Remove the protective cap and the stuffing box as outlined above. Screw the control sleeve to the bottom as outlined above. Remove the pre-setting key and fit the pre-setting tool on top of the insert splines, and reinsert the pre-setting key into the tool. Reset the scale to the index mark. Screw the control sleeve until the required Kv value coincides with the index mark. Refit the stuffing box with the pin.

Order designations

RSK number Article number Desgination Description
480 65 38 4048501 RFA 76 Radiator valve interchangeable  1-2 pipe system
480 52 13 4080003 TIF insert Replacement insert TIF
480 52 15 4088302 TIF stuffing box Stuffing box
480 61 03 4873805 FV 5 Pre-setting key including FN2
480 61 04 4870101 FN 2 Pre-setting key