Replacement valve ARCU side, RFA 33, 34, 35 and 36

Area of use

RFA 33, 34, 35, 36 replaces ARCU 1-or 2-pipes valves side coupled.
The valves can be regulated with a thermostatic head or M28x1,5 handwheel.


RFA 33, 34, 35, 36 has a concealed pre-setting function in the stuffing box.
Pre-setting of the 2-pipe system can be carried out using an FN2 key.
The valve is connected to the pipe system using a M22x1,5 or int 3/8” connection.
The valve has an M34x1,5 connection to the radiator.
The distribution of the flow (1-pipe) between radiator and by-pass is done with and allen key.
Set the number of turns specified i the table.
The valve return is switched off with a spindle under the cover, and the inlet is swtiched off
using a thermostatic head or manual handwheel.
The by-pass does not close when you close the valve with a thermostatic head.

Technical data

Pressure class
Min temperature
Max temperature
Max differential pressure/closing pressure
150 kPa
Recommended differential pressure
3-10 kPa
Brass, Stainless steel
Gaskets EPDM

Order designations

Article-number Designation Description
4044801 RFA 33 1-pipe side M22x1,5
4044802 RFA 34 2-pipe side M22x1,5
4044701 RFA 35 1-pipe side int 3/8″
4044702 RFA 36 2-pipe side int 3/8″
4172501 M34/G20 Changeover M34/R20