PICV – Pressure independent balancing valve

Area of use

PICV is a control valve with balancing function and differential pressure control in cooling, heating and domestic water systems.
It can be used in a wide variety of sectors: heating, air conditioning, and generally with any non corrosive liquid.


PICV is a pressure independent balancing valve with following features:

  • Easy required flow rate selection using presetting dial
  • Automatic balancing in the event of fluctuating pressure conditions in system  branches
  • Flow rate modulation along the whole actuator stroke
  • Flexibility if the system is modified after the first installation
  • Reduction of balancing costs, improved energy saving and high environmental comfort
  • It is supplied with external thread.

Technical data

Max. static working pressure
25 bar
Max temperature
Min temperature
“CR” Brass (“CE- Corrosion Resistant)
Max differential pressure
4 bar (400kPa)
ISO 228
Water and Glycol


Take the plastic cap screwed on the upper part of the valve off. Turn the presetting dial device and match the mark on the swivel part with the value stated on the fixed part of said device (1,2,3 etc.) which shall correspond to required flow rate. Do not exceed the working setting range (1-5).
The relation between flow rate and values shown on the presetting dial device are given by the tables stated on the product sheet.
Using the differential manometer Cim 726, check that the differential pressure is higher or the same as the minimum. The differential manometer interfaces with the balancing valve through the two binder points of the valve. When balancing is achieved, screw the lock for presetting dial completely, preventing any unintentional rotation.

PICV is suitable for variable volume system to control fan coil flow rate directly.

Order designations

RSK-number Article number Designation Description Thread
92502 PICV DN 10 Low Flow G. 1/2″
925004 PICV DN 10 High Flow G. 1/2″
925003 PICV DN 15 Low Flow G. 3/4″
925005 PICV DN 15 High Flow G. 3/4″
925006 PICV DN 20 High Flow G. 1″
925007 PICV DN 25 High Flow G. 1″1/4
480 68 12 3038407 VAO 24V Actuator NO M30x1,5 M30x1,5
480 68 17 3038304 VAO 230V Actuator NO M30x1,5 M30x1,5
480 68 11 3038405 VAC 24V Actuator M30x1,5 M30x1,5
480 68 15 3038303 VAC 230V Actuator M30x1,5 M30x1,5
480 58 57 9001278 EAC-30 0-10V Actuator M30x1,5 M30x1,5