Area of use

Motorised actuator MOVE for controlling valves with M28x1,5 or M30x1,5 connection.
For controllers with continuous output (0-10V) in conjunction with single-room control systems.


Motorised actuator MOVE with high force suitable for valves with M28x1,5 and M30x1,5 connection.
The actuator is a motor actuator that adjusts the valves steplessly.
The actuator sets itself on the correct stroke to the respective valve, between 2-8.5mm

The actuator makes a valve calibration when it is energized.
It finds the closing mode and then the maximum position, then the actuator increases and decreases
quickly to find the valve spindle stroke.
If it does not detect the stroke of the valve, the actuator will use a stroke of 8.5mm.
If the actuator looses power or recieve a reduced voltage, a new calibration will be made.
The calibration is done in about 15 minutes

Technical data

Operating voltage
24V AC, -10%… +20%, 50-60Hz
24V DC, -20%… +20%
Operating power
2,6 VA/ 1,4 W
Max power consumption
< 110 mA
Standby power consumption
< 10 mA
Feedback Signal
100 k Ω
Volt 0V… 10V DC            Power 1 mA Load impedance 10 k Ω-1000 k Ω
Resolution 0,1 V
Standard Max 8,5mm
Standard 125 N -20/+20%
Regulating time
Standard 30s/mm
LCD (H x W)
10 x 20 mm, with optional blue backlight
Multicolored – LED
Storage temperature
-20°C till +70°C
Ambient temperature
0°C till + 50°C
Degree of protection         Protection class        CE
IP 54                                            III                                       EN 60730
Material Polyamide             Color light grey (RAL 7035), from 2016 white (RAL 9003)
Casing cover
Material Polycarbonade      Color Transparent
Type 3 x 0,22 mm2 PVC     Color white            Length 1m
Weight with cable
Weight without cable
Surge enl EN 60730-1
1 kV


The motorised actuator MOVE is performed by a 0-10 V DC control signal from a room thermostat or a building management system. After switching on the power supply, the actuator initializes.
In the initialization of the actuator determines the mechanical stroke of the actuator. In this period the display alternely shows ”In” (for initialization) and the control voltage applied to.
First, the valves pressure plate is fully retracted, whereby the upper end-stop of the drive is determined. Following the valve plate extends fully and determined the bottom end stop.
The closing point of the valve is detected. Now the valve stroke recognition will happen.
Therefor the actuator move with high speed to the upper position and back to the lower position slowly, for determining the valve stroke. In case of not sensing the valve, the actuator will work with the factory setting stroke (8,5 mm)
The stroke of the valve can be changed in practice by different conditions. The valve was adjusted, or the actuator was mounted to a new valve. In both cases, the data obtained at the initialization values has changed. Thus, the actuator adjusts to the new valve stroke, the powersupply and the control voltage must be interrupted briefly.
After the power has been switched on again, the actuator performs a new initialization phase.

NOTE! For initialization Move needs max. 15 minutes

The motorised actuator MOVE is performed by a 0-10 V DC control signal from a room thermostat or a building management system. The control signal allows a precise activation and positioning of the actuator. A 0-10 V or PWM signal can be applied to the control voltage input for control purposes.

Order designations

RSK-number Article number Designation Description
480 86 66 4038901 MOVE 0-10V Incl adapter M28x1,5 and M30x15