Area of use

Motorised actuator EAC for controlling MMA valves with M28x1,5 and M30x1,5 connection.
For controllers with continuous output in conjunction with single-room control systems.
Automatic valve adjustment and intelligent cut-off for maximum energy efficency.


Motorised actuator EAC with high force suitable for valves with M28x1,5 and M30x1,5 connection.
The actuator has a stepping motor with electronic activation and cut-out.
It also has adjustable direction and stroke.
The actuator has a maintenance-free transmission.
It has LED indication.

Technical data

Direction of operation
NO/NC DIP switches
Running time
13 s/mm run time at adjustable stroke 43-72s (8s/mm)
Adjustable 3 – 5,5 mm
120 N
Power supply
24V AC/DC, +-15%, 50…60 Hz
Power consumption
2,5 VA
Control signal
0 (2) – 10V
Noise level
<30 dB (A)
Allowed ambient temperature
Allowed ambient humidity
Max temperature valve
Enclosure class
IP 43 (EN 60529)
Protection class
III (EC 60730)

Order designations

RSK-number Article number Designation Description
480 58 58 9001279 EAC-28 0-10V NC M28x1,5
480 58 57 9001278 EAC-30 0-10V NC M30x1,5