Area of use

Monoblocco is used to connect PEX, AluPex and Gerpex pipes with MMA products.
The fitting is used in heating-and cooling systems.


Monoblocco is a complete fitting, with no loose details. This means that you do not need to preassamble the nut and cone.

Cut the pipe and make it free from grades. Mount by pushing the pipe into the bottom of the fitting.
The fitting is designed, so that you can see in the small window, when the pipe has reached the bottom of the fitting.

M22x1,5 fits MMAs products that have M22x1,5 connections to, for example distributors, valves and couplings. The coupling is marked for the connection type.
The fitting is also tested to fit Pex and AluPex according to ISO standards specified under technical info. The pipes must be according to the dimensions indicated by the technical info on the fitting.
For example 16×2 is a pipe with 16 mm outer diameter and 2 mm material thickness.

Technical data

Brass, EPDM
Pressure class:
PN 10
Pipe standards
SS-ISO 15875 Pex
SS-EN ISO 21003-2 AluPex

Order designations

RSK-number Article number Designation Description
478 85 08 41642215 Fitting Pex M22/15/2,5 M22 fitting for DN15 pipes with thickness 2,5 mm 2-pack
478 85 06 41642217 Fitting AluPex M22/16/2 M22 fitting for DN16 pipes with thickness 2 mm 2-pack
478 85 07 41642219 Fitting Pex M22/16/2,2 M22 fitting for DN16 pipes with thickness 2,2 mm 2-pack


NOTE that Monoblocco os only sold in 2-pack. When placing an order, indicate how many packages with 2 fittings you want to buy.