Area of use

Being able to optimise and troubleshoot your waterborne system gives you a good opportunity to limit energy consumption, as well as to improve comfort in many cases.


Minor is a measuring instrument you use to measure and monitor differential pressure, for example
across a filter or heat exchanger, or the flow through a valve.
Minor is an excellent solution when you want to inspect or monitor components of an installation.
Minor, which is a two-in-one manual unit and sensor, is supplied with a carrying case, hoses and MMA’s measurement needles.

Technical data

Pressure sensor
Pressure range
10 bar* 20 bar
Maximum pressure
Positive side 15 bar *20 bar
Negative side 10 bar *20 bar
Margin of error for pressure
0,15% in pressure range
Margin of error for temperature
1,5% in measurement range
Media temperature
-5 to 90°C
Ambient temperature
-5 to 50°C
Storage temperature
-5 to 50°C
Connections for pressure hoses
R21 quick couplings
2xAAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
Current consumption
55 mA max
Illuminated 128×64 pixel monochrome
3 keys
Pressure units
Flow units
11 incl. US units
Kv range
0-99999 with 0,1 steps
380g incl. batteries
Degree of protection
Calibration frequency
12 months, irrespective of frequency of use

Order designations

RSK number Article number Designation Description
511 85 45 9001324 Measuring instrument Minor measuring instrument