Area of use

The measuring station MR is used when measuring the flow in heating, cooling and water supply systems. It is equipped with self-sealing pressure test ports.


The MR measuring station has flanged connections and is available in DN65-DN300,
The measuring station is mounted between the flanges.
The measuring station is electrolytic zinc plated.


Technical data

Pressure class
PN 16
Max temperature
Min temperature
Min differential pressure
5 kPa
Min pressuredrop
5 kPa
Recommended pressure drop at dimensioned valve
5-10 kPa
Grey Cast iron
Measuring points dezincification resistance brass
Gaskets EPDM
Surface treatment
Electrolytic zinc plating


The balancing instrument is connected to the pressure test ports. The instrument is pre-programmed with the characteristics of all our adjustment valves and measuring stations.
Other valve manufacturers’ data is also included in the instrument. Values for pressure drop and flow can be read on thedisplay. If you do not have access to the MMA instrument other common instruments for measuring pressure drop can be used.The fl ow can then be read from the pressure drop diagram found in the instructions.

Order designations

RSK nr. Designation Description
446 42 88 3181902 MR 65 Measuring station flanged Kvs 93
446 42 89 3182002 MR 80 Measuring station flanged Kvs 126
446 42 90 3182102 MR 100 Measuring station flanged Kvs 244
446 42 91 3182202 MR 125 Measuring station flanged Kvs 415
446 42 92 3182302 MR 150 Measuring station flanged Kvs 540
446 42 93 3182402 MR 200 Measuring station flanged Kvs 1010
446 42 94 3182502 MR 250 Measuring station flanged Kvs 1450
446 42 95 3182602 MR 300 Measuring station flanged Kvs 2400