Manual wheel ENH/NHK/NHN

Area of use

The handwheel ENH, NHK and NHN is used to manually regulate valves in heating and cooling systems.


The ENH, NHK and NHN is used to manually regulate flow in valves. It can also be used to shut off a fl ow.
Valves used in a tap water system should not be closed due to legionella bacteria.
To avoid this, supplement a spacer that is placed between the valve and the manual wheel.
ENH is in white plastic.
NHN is nickel plated, and is regulated with a Allen key (5mm), to avoid tampering.
NHK is polished and cromed. NHK is also sold together withe valve RFA 75-400.

Technical data

Max storage temperature
80° C
Min storage temperatur
Brass, Polyamid, Gasket EPDM, Polycarbonate
ENH 39 g, NHK 172 g, NHN 75 g

Order designations

RSK number. Article number Designation Description
480 60 97 4031102 ENH Manual wheel
480 64 09 4037401 NHK Manual wheel chromed
480 55 87 4030101 NHN Manual wheel regulated with 5mm key
480 65 34 4703210 Spacer 26,0×1,0 Legionella spacer for ENH + FVR azf
4703204 Spacer 26,0×1,5 Spacer for REKV, EDVH
4703205 Spacer 26,0×0,25 1 degree spacer