M22 fittings for copper pipes, PEX and AluPex pipes

Area of use

The compression fitting are used for connecting copper pipes and Pex pipes to MMA manifolds and manifolds accessories.


Compression fittings that are to connect copper pipes and PEX pipes to MMA Manifolds and manifold accessories.
Threading is M22x 1,5. The fitting is using conical tightening.

Technical data

Pressure class
PN 10
Max temperature
O-rings EPDM

Order designations

RSK-number Article number Designation Description
1840001 4160631 Compression fitting M22/16K10
1840002 4160641 Compression fitting M22/16K12
1840003 4160661 Compression fitting M22/16K15
1840004 4160671 Compression fitting M22/16K16
1840005 4160681 Compression fitting M22/16K18
1840085 9001016 Compression fitting chrome M22/16K12
1840082 9001010 Compression fitting chrome M22/16K15
4806166 4160002 PEX fitting M22/15/2,5
4806167 4160004 PEX fitting M22/14/2
4806169 4160101 PEX fitting M22/18/2
4806016 4160101 PEX fitting M22/18/2,5