FVRF/FVVF with quick coupling system

Area of use

The FVRF/FVVF thermostatic radiator valve is used in heating and cooling installations.
FVRF/FVVF is used as a separate valve.
FVRF/FVVF can be fitted with a thermostat or an electrical actuator.


The FVRF/FVVF thermostatic radiator valve is pre-settable for precise balancing.
The pre-setting is concealed.
FVRF/FVVF is adapted to modern installations and is suitable for heating systems.
FVRF/FVVF is equipped with quick couplings, and fits copper and PEX.

Technical data

Pressure class
PN 10

Max. temperature              Min. temperature
90°C                                           5°C

Brass, acetal copolymer

KvΔT2K        0,01-0,7
Kv                  0,01-1,2
Kvs                1,2

Recommended maximum differential pressure
Lp <30 dB (A) at 30kPa



Use the FN2 pre-setting key.
Remove the stuffing box using FN2. Fully close the insert and open again the number of turns to correspond with the calculated Kv or setting.
Refit the stuffing box.

AMA texts

Temperature-controlled radiator valves.
Thermostatic radiator valve with concealed, pre-settable spindle behind the stuffing box.
The valve must be manufactured with quick couplings.

Made by: AB Markaryds Metallarmatur
Type: FVRF
DN: 12/12 and 15/15
Models: Straight

Order designations

RSK number Item number Designation
479 58 44 30411401 FVRF 12/12
30411501 FVRF 15/15
30411402 FVVF 12/12
30411403 FVVF 10/12