FVRe – energy saving valve

Area of use

The FVRe thermostatic radiator valve are used together with max limited thermostatic heads in the heating system.
The thermostatic radiator valve can be mounted into manifolds.


The FVRe valve offers a very precise presetting feature hidden under the stuffing box.
If the thermostatic head is removed, the valve shuts down to a nominal value (kv 0,05) and the energy-saving feature is triggered.
If the preset kv is greater than 0,05 the temperature in the room will then be lower if the thermostatic head is removed.
The valve also goes into energy-saving mode if the temperature at the thermostatic head drops in the room.
The valve is supplied with a green protective cap, which entails presetting and e-function.
The protective cap has a washer which is used to set the nominal flow and to cancel the e-function when carrying out adjustments.
The FVRe valve has in-built protection against manipulation.

Technical data

Pressure class
Max Temperature
Min Temperature
FVRe Kv 0,05-0,5
Max differential pressure
LP<30dB(A) at 30kPa
Max. closing pressure
Surface treatment


The presetting is done with the FN2 presetting key or the FV21 tool by opening a number of turns from closed valve in line with the pressure drop diagram.
Unscrew the protective cap. Remove the stuffing with the pin (using the top of the presetting key)
Insert the presetting key with the serrated end in the control sleeve and screw it carefully to the bottom (clockwise)
Screw up the number of turns outlined in the diagram.
Refit the stuffing box with the pin.
Remount the protective cap with the washer, to balance the system. Efter balancing, remove the washer and the protective cap from the valve.
Mount the thermostatic head on the valve.

Order designations

RSK number Articel number Designation Description
480 66 64 40410901 FVRe 10 Straight valve DN 10, connection 3/8
480 66 65 40411001 FVRe 15 Straight valve DN 15, connection 1/2