Area of use

EvoTemp can be used in tapwater installations.
It is used to recirculate the hotwater to the heat source.
EvoTemp is used to balance tapwater installations. It is mounted at the far end of the tapwater circuits. The valve regulates so that the return temperature is always according to the setting on the EvoTemp.


EvoTemp is a presettable temperature controlled valve.
It is intended for tapwater installations and controls that the correct temperature is always in the system. A valve must med mounted at the end of each circuit, with the setting for how hot the water should be at that point.

NOTE! The pump must withstand that the hot water circulation valve EvoTemp closes completely for periods.

Technical data

Low lead brass, EPDM, Stainless steel
Max Temperature
Temperature range
Pressure class
PN 16
Max differential pressure
0,2 MPa
ISO-G 3/4″ fits with flat sealing coupling/half-coupling


The valve is placed at the end of each tapwater circuit and regulates the hotwater back to the subcentral.

Calculate how much the water will cool down from the valves position to the subcentral, then set the valve on the corresponding value.
The valve can be placed so far away from the drain point that the time it takes for the hotwater to reach the users tap is within BBR´s requirements and that, if necessary, guidelines are met.

Order designations

Rsk – number Articel number Designation Description
484 08 51 3144201 Evotemp 3/4″ ISO-G 3/4″