Area of use

The thermostatic Evosense is used to control room temperature via the integrated
Ecobrass sensor with Wmotion enclosed technology on thermostatic radiator valves in heating systems.
MMA Evosense fits all MMA’s thermostatic valves and radiator manifolds.
The unique Evosense sprint is designed to shorten commissioning time by setting all valves at nominal setting and adding state of the art balancing accuracy enabling energy savings and lowering return temperature.


Evosense is a self-acting adjustable thermostatic head which is adapted to MMA valves range to provide the best possible room control.
The set value is displayed in a window on the thermostatic head.
The standard temperature range is 0-28°C, but can be delivered with maximum limitation or minimum limited setting from the factory.

The symbol * protects against frost damage, for example, rooms that are not used.
The thermostatic head Evosense closes completely the valve at the number “0”.
We recommend that the valve is plugged during service/maintenance.
MMA’s temperature labelling refers to closing temperatures, when the thermostatic head is fully closed.
Room temperature is about 2°C lower.
Evosense fits on all MMA valves and have a connection that is M28x1,5, for valves from other manufacturers it is also available with connection M30x1.5.

The thermostatic head Evosense is energy rated in accordance with the TELL Class A.
Evosense is approved to EN215 with FVR10, FVV10, FVAV10, FVR15, FVV15 and FVAV15.
Evosense Sprint is equipped with balancing sprint to enable accurate and time saving commissioning.
Evosense Sprint should be used for thermostatic valve FVRe.
Evosense Remote is used where the sensor can not be placed on the radiator valve.

Technical data

Temperature setting range
0,24 K
Water temperature influence
0,65 K
Differential pressure influence
0,2 K
Response time
22 minutes
Maximum storage temperature
Low lead brass, PBT, POM, steel
White    RAL 9016       NCS 0500N
Black     RAL 9011       NCS 8500N
118 g
Approvals/Enviromental classification
Certita 0,4

Order designations

RSK – number Art.number Type Desc. Colour
480 67 37 2013201028 Evosense 0-28°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 38 2013201018 Evosense 0-18°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 39 2013201019 Evosense 0-19°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 40 2013201020 Evosense 0-20°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 41 2013201021 Evosense 0-21°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 42 2013201022 Evosense 0-22°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 43 2013201023 Evosense 0-23°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 44 2013201024 Evosense 0-24°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 45 2013201025 Evosense 0-25°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 46 2013201026 Evosense 0-26°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 47 2013201818 Evosense 8-18°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 48 2013201819 Evosense 8-19°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 49 2013201820 Evosense 8-20°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 50 2013201821 Evosense 8-21°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 51 2013201822 Evosense 8-22°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 52 2013201823 Evosense 8-23°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 53 2013201824 Evosense 8-24°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 54 2013201825 Evosense 8-25°C, M28x1,5 White
480 67 55 2013201826 Evosense 8-26°C, M28x1,5 White