Diverter FA/FEA

Area of use

The diverters are available in two versions
FA – for 2-pipe system
FEA – for 1-pipe system


The diverters are reversible for ground/top or side connection and have a built-in shutdown. The connection to the pipe system is M22x1,5.
The diverter is equipped with a spindle for shutdown, hidden behind a lid. (key grip Allen key 10 mm)
For the FA diverter, 2-pipe, both the supply and return are closed when the spindle is in the screwed-in position.
For the FEA diverter. 1-pipe ground connected, the return line i closed in screwed-in mode while closing the supply with the thermostatic head, hand wheel or protective cap.
The circulation in the loop of the 1-pipe diverter FEA is always open, regardless of whether the diverter is closed or open.
When assembling, always follow the flow direction lines on the diverter so that the supply enters the top of the raditor.

NOTE!! Side-connected FEA can not be turned off.

Technical data

Brass, EPDM
Min temperature
Max temperature
Pressure class:
PN 10
Max differential pressure/closing pressure
250 kPa
Radiator flow 1-pipe
Kvs 2-pipe FA

Order designations

RSK-number Article number Designation Description
480 59 72 4071002 FA-M 2-pipe with shut off function 1-pack
480 59 73 4071102 FEA-M 1-pipe with shut off function 1-pack
480 64 11 9000812 FA-M 2-pipe with shut off function 50-pack
480 54 12 9000813 FEA-M 1-pipe with shut off function 50-pack