Cooling valve REKV 20

Area of use

The REKV 20, together with a control device, can be used in cooling plants to regulate primary or secondary flow on cooling ceilings, refrigerated display cases, refrigerating chambers, fan coils etc.
The REKV 20 can be regulated with the capillary tube thermostat or with an electronic thermostat via an actuator.


The valve can be pre-set between kv 0.4 – 2.5.
With a self-acting thermostat mounted, the valve opens when the temperature at the sensor rises, and closes when it lowers. The valve is manufactured in dezincification resistance brass.
The valve is supplied with a protective cap in grey, which denotes pre-setting.The protective cap may during installation be used as shut-off, and also during pre-setting to set nominal opening with thermostatic head mounted. Turn the cap to the bottom and open 3/4 turns.

Technical data

Pressure class
PN 10
Max closing pressure
80 kPa
Recommended pressuredrop
3-10 kPa
Kv value (pre-set) with Thermostat/no Thermostat
DN20 0,4-2,5 / 2,5
Pre-setting in 5 steps
Kvs-value (max capacitet)
DN20 1,2
Max temperature
Min temperature
Brass, dezincification resistance
Gaskets EPDM


Valve Dim A L Weight/g
REKV 20 57 60 230


Pre-setting is done by steps in position 1 to 5 with a screwdriver or allen key. Choose desired kv value and set the valve by turning the dial until the index comes opposite the chosen number as shown in the diagram.

Order designations

RSK no. Name Description Dim Conn.
480 55 69 3141801 REKV 20 Coolingvalve 20 3/4″
184 00 53 4162001 3/4″/18K15 Compression conn. 15
184 00 54 4162002 3/4″/18K18 Compression conn. 18
184 00 55 4162003 3/4″/18K22 Compression conn. 22
184 00 48 9000615 M36x2 Solder fitting 3/4″
184 00 67 9000636 G3/4″ Solder fitting G3/4″ Ø18