Area of use

Actuators VMO/VMC are used to control 2-way and 3-way thermostatic control valves from MMA on fancoils, radiators and chilledbeams together with roomcontrollers that has on/off or PWM control.
Suitable controler is R41 for on/off in sequence.


The actuators are available with 24 VAC or 230 VAC voltage.
VMO is normally open
VMC is normally closed
The stroke position is indicated in red above the vonnection nut.
VMO/VMC are available with M28x1,5 and M30x1,5 connection.

Technical data

Power usage, initial
24V – 200 mA, 230V – 300 mA
Power usage, consumption
24V – 70 mA/2W, 230V – 8mA/2W
Closing and opening time
ca 3 min
ca 4 mm
Operationg force
Ambient temp.max
Polyamide, brass
Connection cable*
1 metre 2 x 0,75 mm²
RAL 9016
140 g

Valve function without power

Type Radiator Cooling 3-way
valve valve valve
VMO Open Closed Port A
VMC Closed Open Port B

Order designations

RSK no. Name Description
480 57 96 3032301 VMO 24V NO M28x1,5 1m cabel
480 57 97 3032302 VMO 230V NO M28x1,5 1m cabel
480 57 98 3032401 VMC 24V NC M28x1,5 1m cabel
480 57 99 3032402 VMC 230V NC M28x1,5 1m cabel
480 57 55 3034401 VMO 24V NO M30x1,5 1m cabel
480 57 56 3034402 VMO 230V NO M30x1,5 1m cabel
480 57 57 3034501 VMC 24V NC M30x1,5 1m cabel
480 57 58 3034502 VMC 230V NC M30x1,5 1m cabel