New instruments – Maxor and MINOR

We are launching two brand new instruments for hydronic systems . Perfect tool whether you are just going to measure differential pressure or balance of an entire plant.

Being able to optimize and troubleshoot their waterborne systems provide options to limit energy use , while comfort in many cases can be improved.

Minor measures the differential pressure
MMA Minor is the instrument you use to measure and control the differential pressure across the filter and heat exchanger or flow across a valve. MMA Minor is ideal when you want to inspect or control the parts of a plant. MMA Minor, which is handheld and sensor combinations, comes with bag , tubing and MMA’s measuring needles .

Maxor balancing facility
MMA Maxor is balancing instrument you control over your android device. You can measure temperature, pressure and flow. MMA Maxor can be used in large projects and dual sensor proportionally distribute flows or through a network of routers reach valves way out of the facility.
With MMA Maxor almost everything is possible. At MMA , we have developed custom applications in the software, which you can see the valve authority or control circuits single drop. The software is always available at .

MMA Maxors high accuracy enables us to recommend the measurements down to 2 kPa. This contributes to energy-efficient balancing.