“A competence center with a high technological level”

MMA vision is thru usage of our products to optimize the indoor climate in both commercial and private residences , and so reduce energy consumption in cooling and heating systems.

MMA has a history as a technology company that dates back to 1950 when the company was founded. Over the years, MMA specialization has become successful and we are today one of the most successful companies in our niche. We cover not only the needs of the new build, but also particularly in the refurbishment sector where MMA has a unique position.

MMA has since the start in 1950’s its manufacturing, research & development in Markaryd . Our site in Markaryd has over the years become a center of excellence with high technological level that each year is visited by many property owners , consultants, and installers on various training and seminars.

MMA is a leading manufacturer of components for flow management for the heating and cooling systems in Scandinavia, our strategic focus is to maintain this position in the future.