The world´s safest fitting?

The world´s safest fitting?

As part of our product development, we have chosen to update the product range for fittings for Pex pipes with M22 connection. The new fittings are of the patented type Monoblocco, this fitting is above all safer and more user-friendly than the previous M22 fitting. Moreover, the new connections have the same application and performance.
The advantages of the fitting are that the installer can easily see if the pipes are connected correctly and the fitting is not delivered as previously in loose parts, the support sleeve is attached to the other parts.

The fittings that expire / replace are:
Fitting M22/15/2.5 4160011
Replaced by Fitting M22/15/2.5 41642215

Fitting M22/16/ 4160007
Replaced by Fitting M22/16/2 41642217

Fitting M22/16/2.2 4160009
Replaced by Fitting M22/16/2.2 41642219