Area of use

The manual balancing valve STV(E) is optimized for use in heating- and cooling systems.


STV(E) are sized with nomogram, handwheel or online Applications
on smartphones or on our webside.
STV(E) shall be choosen with 50-80 % open plug for the design flow.
Minumum recommended differential pressure is 2 kPa (0,29 psi)

NOTE! For the STV range, it is only suitable to use neutral fluids

Technical data

Pressure class
PN 16
Max temperature
Min temperature
Max closing pressure
200 kPa
Min pressuredrop
2 kPa
Cast iron DN 65-150,               Corrosion resistant self-sealing zink-rich epoxide paint
EPDM gaskets DN 200-300, Alkyd/ Acrylic paint


The hand wheel has digital reading which shows whole turns and tenth of a turn.
The setting is shown in table format or can be calculated by using software on the website.
Any setting can be locked to avoid destroying the balancing value.
On STV DN 65-150 an Allen key of 6 mm is used on the inner spindle to lock the setting.
On STV(E) DN 200-300 the key is enclosed.
When the hand wheel is locked the valve cannot be opened to a larger value
but it can be closed for maintenance of the connected circuit.