Area of use

The manual balancing valve STV (M,F,G) is optimized for use in DHWC, heating- and cooling systems.


STV (M,F,G) are sized with nomogram, handwheel or online Applications on smartphones or on our webside.
STV (M,F,G) shall be dimensioned at 50-80 % of maximum flow for the design flow.
Minumum recommended differential pressure is 2 kPa (0,29 psi)
The pressure test ports are opened by unscrewing the lids.
Differential pressure can be measured using a balancing instrument.
STVM is equipped with a drain.
The drain is opened with a screw driver.
STVF Is equipped with extra long PT ports.
Mounting direction is clearly shown
with an arrow on STV (M,F,G)
STV has internal threads.
STVG has external threads.


Technical data

Pressure class
PN 20
Max temperature
Min temperature
Max closing pressure
200 kPa
Min pressuredrop
2 kPa
Dezincification resistance brass
Gaskets EPDM


The hand wheel has digital reading which shows whole turns and tenth of a turn.
The setting is shown in table format or can be calculated by using software on the website.
Any setting can be locked to avoid tampering with the setting of the balancing value.
An Allen key of 3 mm is used on the inner spindle to lock the setting.
When the setting is locked the valve cannot be opened to a larger value but it can be closed for maintenance of the connected circuit.


NOTE!  For the STV range, it is only suitable to use neutral fluids

Order designations Name Description
3250001 STV 10 Balancing valve, female thread
3250101 STV 15 Balancing valve, female thread
3250201 STV 20 Balancing valve, female thread
3250301 STV 25 Balancing valve, female thread
 3250401  STV 32 Balancing valve, female thread
3250501 STV 40 Balancing valve, female thread
3250601 STV 50 Balancing valve, female thread Name Description
3250002 STVM 10 Balancing valve, female thread with drain
3250102 STVM 15 Balancing valve, female thread with drain
3250202 STVM 20 Balancing valve, female thread with drain
3250302 STVM 25 Balancing valve, female thread with drain
3250402 STVM 32 Balancing valve, female thread with drain
3250502 STVM 40 Balancing valve, female thread with drain
3250602 STVM 50 Balancing valve, female thread with drain Name Description
3250006 STVG 10 Balancing valve, male thread
3250106 STVG 15 Balancing valve, male thread
3250206 STVG 20 Balancing valve, male thread
3250306 STVG 25 Balancing valve, male thread
3250406 STVG 32 Balancing valve, male thread
3250506 STVG 40 Balancing valve, male thread
3250606 STVG 50 Balancing valve, male thread Name Description
3253201 STVF 15 Balancing valve, male thread, for insulation
3253301 STVF 20 Balancing valve, male thread, for insulation
3253401 STVF 25 Balancing valve, male thread, for insulation
3253501 STVF 32 Balancing valve, male thread, for insulation Name Description
9000964 KRK G15X10 Fittings for STVG
9000965 KRK G15X12 Fittings for STVG
9000966 KRK G15X15 Fittings for STVG
9000967 KRK G15X16 Fittings for STVG
9001028 KRK G20X12 Fittings for STVG
9000968 KRK G20X15 Fittings for STVG
9000969 KRK G20X18 Fittings for STVG
9000970 KRK G20X22 Fittings for STVG
9000971 KRK G25X18 Fittings for STVG
9000972 KRK G25X22 Fittings for STVG
9000973 KRK G25X28 Fittings for STVG
9000974 KRK G32X35 Fittings for STVG
9000975 KRK G40X42 Fittings for STVG
9000976 KRK G50X54 Fittings for STVG Name Description
3541401 IS 10-20 Insulation cap
3541501 IS 25 Insulation cap
3541601 IS 32 Insulation cap
3541701 IS 40 Insulation cap
3541801 IS 50 Insulation cap