Area of use

Actuation of 2 and 3-ways valves. For controllers with continuous output in conjunction with single-room control systems.
Automatic valce adjustment and intelligent cut-off for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Two-piece plastic housing, light grey RAL 7035
  • Nickel-plated brass nut
  • Plug-in cable, light grey , standard 1,50 m long, 3×0,35mm, exchangeable
  • Running time 13s/mm
  • Fitting position vertically upright to horiziontal, not upside down.

Technical data

Direction of operation
NO/NC DIP switches
Running time
43…72 s (8s/mm)
Adjustable 3 – 5,5 mm
Pushing force
120 N
Power supply
24V AC/DC, +-15%, 50…60 Hz
Power consumption
2,5 VA
Control signal
0 (2) – 10V
Max operating temperature
95° at the valve
Noise level
<30 dB (A)
Perm ambient temperature
Perm ambient humidity
Ingress protection
IP 43 (EN 60529)
Protection class
III (EC 60730)


When being put into service (with valve fitted), the actuator moves to both end positions and stores the associated increments. The range of the control signal is then assigned to this effective stroke. The motor positions the valve and cuts out as soon as the stroke position matches the controller’s output signal. In the end positions or in the event of an overload, the motor cuts out after 2 minutes at the latest. If the control voltage has not changed after 2 hours (in the range of 0…0.5 V), the motor briefly runs to the end position and corrects its position memory (if necessary). The AXM 217S F402 performs a complete cycle every 24 hours in order to prevent the valve plug from jamming or sticking. The LED lights up if power is applied and flashes as long as the motor is running.

Direction of operation 1:

As the positioning signal increases, the actuator spindle extends and the valves close.

Direction of operation 2:

As the positioning signal increases, the actuator spindle retracts and the valves open.

The black earth cable 1a (24 V~) and the blue earth cable 1b (control voltage) should both be con-nected to a common earth cable.

After removing the cap on the cover, the following settings can be made using jumpers:

  • The input signal can be set to 0…10 V, 5.2…10 V or 0…4.8 V.
  • The direction of operation 1 or 2 can be selected; the factory setting is 1 (DA).

Put the cap back on after making the settings.

Order designations Name Description
9001279 Motorställdon M28x1,5 Motorställdon 0-10V M28x1,5
9001278 Motorställdon M30x1,5 Motorställdon 0-10V M30x1,5


LED status
Status Beskrivning
OFF No power applied
Flashing green Actuator moving to position
Continuous green light Position reached
Flashing red Calibration cycle
Continuous red light No input signal