Control valve TOVUS

Area of use

The pressure independent control valve TOVUS is used insecondary cooling and heating systems.
Suitable applications include air heaters, chilled beams,
FCU’s and control valve in one -pipe systems.
TOVUS can be controlled with electrical actuators,
and in some applications with thermostatic heads


The control valve TOVUS holds three functions;
presetting , differential pressure control and flow management.
The functions are combined allowing TOVUS independently
of available pressure limits the set flow rate.
Along with a modulating actuator TOVUS ensures controllability over the entire stroke.
TOVUS is equipped with test points for checking
the flow and the ability to optimize the pump.
TOVUS compact design and unique construction provides
a space-saving valve that requires low differential pressure for full modulating control .
TOVUS is equipped with blue protective cap for and protection of spindle and presetting

Technical data

Pressure class
PN 25
Max temperature
Min temperature
DZR Brass
Max differential pressure
400 kPa

Leakage max 0,01 % of set fl ow


Dim A B C Weight/kg
TOVUS 15 DN 15 88 65 145 0,9
TOVUS 20 DN 20 88 65 145 0,91
TOVUS 25 DN 25 92 66 145 1
TOVUS 32 DN 32 128 72 152 1,52
TOVUS 40 DN 40 144 87 219 2,55
TOVUS 50 DN 50 155 93 225 3,2